Safe. Durable. Reusable and recyclable. Not only do LunchBots stainless steel food containers meet these high standards, they also simply look great, make lunch    more fun, and food more appetizing.







Frequently bought together

Mix things up and send a hot lunch in a Thermos Kind Steel or Thermos Funtainer

Looking for a great insulated lunch bag for the LunchBots? Check out the Fridge-to-go range. They will keep food chilled for 8 hours and you can fit 2 LunchBots inside them, stacked!

The Kids Konserve/U Konserve mini containers as seen above fit inside all LunchBots and are great for dressings and small snacks. The U-Konserve Rounds seen below, that come in a set of two, fit inside the Bento Cinco and Bento Trio. Cllick on the link below.

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